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50 things to see and do in Iceland

There are many things to see in Iceland, known to many as the land of ice and fire and one of the best places in the world to enjoy the wildest nature in its purest form. The best way to tour Iceland is by renting a car or a 4 × 4, according to your needs, with which to surround the island following the road 1. The freedom of movements and schedules that will give you to go free will allow you such basic things in a Country like Iceland like stopping in any landscape that caught your attention or having a picnic in front of an impressive waterfall when you feel like it. Iceland is one of those places where you always go with your foot on the brake pedal, not by the roads, but by the incredible landscapes that surround them.
Another more comfortable option to get to know the country is to book this 8-day tour of the best of Iceland with a guide in Spanish.
The best time to travel is in summer, a time that will allow you to travel the entire island without problems. In winter we can tempt fate to try to see northern lights, although the weather is quite unstable and cold. In our experience, if it is your first time in Iceland, we believe that the best way to get to know it is in a more benign time, in order to take your kinder face.
Based on our trip to Iceland in 14 days we have made a list of the 50 things to see and do in Iceland that we consider more essential. We start!

1. Wait for a rainbow to appear in the spectacular Gullfoss Waterfall, located in the Golden Circle.
2. Walk to Svartifoss, Iceland's black waterfall in Skaftafell National Park. Impressive to see how the water falls between basalt columns.
3. Search for puffins on the high cliffs of Dyrhólaey, one of the best things to do in Iceland.
4. Stop at a supermarket and take a few skyr, Iceland's yogurt.
5. Put on a helmet, put on some crampons, grab an ice ax and take a hike through the Mýrdalsjökull glacier. Another even more spectacular option is to book this trek through the Vatnajökull glacier that includes the blue ice cave, one of Iceland's wonders.
6. Take a photo from far away of the small town of Vik with its picturesque and photogenic wooden church.

More things to see and do in Iceland

11. Stop at Skogafoss Waterfall, one of the best known waterfalls and one of the best things to see in Iceland.
12. Take a tour of Landmannalaugar, one of the best treks in the world that run between volcanoes and glaciers. This tour is also considered one of the best excursions from Reykjavik that you can do.
13. Reserve the accommodation for a long time, there is not much offer on the island and they sell out quickly. If you find a guesthouse like Draflastadir Guesthouse with outdoor jacuzzi, do not hesitate, the experience is worth it.
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14. Enjoy for hours the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon, a lake full of ice blocks.

Viti crater

45. Visit the town of Holar with a beautiful church next to a peat farm.
46. ​​Stop in the small town of Djúpivogur the gateway to tour the fjords of Eastern Iceland.
47. Find the black sand beach, Dritvík, where the remains of several shipwrecks rest.
48. Have tea and some pastries in Áskaffi, a very cozy old tea room in Glaumbær.
49. Spot seals on the beaches of the Snaefellsnes Peninsula.
50. Being unable to say the names of the places you have visited, but surely after describing to your friends what you have seen, you convince them to visit Iceland. We are already counting the days to return!

If you feel like helping us complete the list of 50 things to see and do in Iceland, add yours in the comments.