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Train from Shanghai to Lhasa

Day 6: Train from Shanghai to Lhasa

As there is not much to tell as a newspaper of this Shanghai train ride To Lhasa, we will make a small introduction of what we have experienced these hours, and then, in the end, give a series of recommendations and advice that we believe, can be of help to anyone who considers enter Tibet by train, one of the ways that we believe, is more advisable, not only for the landscapes and the experience, but also for the acclimatization, since we cannot forget that Lhasa is at 3656m of altitude, something to take into account, especially if you arrive By plane.
Doing this tour by train from Shanghai to Lhasa allows us to adapt gradually, as it goes up gradually, although it does not ensure that we do not suffer from altitude sickness or that we should forget the recommendations to alleviate the symptoms, some of what we will talk about later.