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What is the best travel insurance of 2019?

What is the best travel insurance of 2019? This is one of the queries that we move most this year, especially now that fortunately, travelers are much more aware of the need to hire good travel insurance Whatever our destiny.

In our case, after a long time traveling, currently for several months a year, on several occasions we have needed to use the international health insurance and we assure you, that this has saved us and above all supported, in the worst moment in which a traveler can be found: when you get sick.
Throughout this trajectory we have used some of the different options that exist, but for several years now, we traveled with Mondo and we assure you that after the experience and many comparisons, this is the best option in the market.

With all this in mind, we tell you what are the reasons why we have made this choice, the comparison with other insurances, the prices and above all, what it covers Mondo, the best travel insurance of 2019.

Best travel insurance price 2019

And in all cases, if your trip is of a longer duration, do not worry, the longer the trip, the less cost per additional day.

In addition, as we said before, if you want to customize your travel insurance even more, you can insure computer equipment or contract cancellation insurance, even after 7 days of booking your trip.

And remember, just for being a Street Travelers reader, you have a 5% discount with Mondo, to hire the best travel insurance, plus 15% if you take out family or group insurance.

Since 2019, Mondo is the only travel insurance company that has a mobile app from which you can manage any problem or doubt that you have to refer to your travel insurance.

You can call throughout the year, from FREE FORM, via Wi-Fi or a mobile network in case you need assistance and manage the WhatsApp service, which we talked about previously, in addition to consulting all the details of your travel insurance policy.
Even, from the application itself, you can manage any incident regarding flight delays, cancellations ... etc. in addition to checking the status of the incident to be informed 24 hours a day.