What to see in Lima in one day - Street Travelers - Travels - 2020

What to see in Lima in one day

Day 2: LIMA

As soon as we went out to the street we found that fog that we had read so much and we verified that it is so true that it even seems that our breath collapses and we have to take a deeper breath so that the air reaches you, although doing this, you also There is a smell of pollution that makes us doubt if the fog is really that or is mixed with the smoke of the cars, something that makes us almost confirm it is the amount of traffic that we are crossing, including the famous, crowded groups of people.
We have only been in Peru for a few hours, but we intuit that we will like this country a lot.
After a good walk from Miraflores to the Love Park, where we arrived after 7.30 in the morning, the day is still quite covered and the cold is present, something we did not expect much less.
He Lima Love Park It is much smaller than we imagined, but it is certainly a beautiful corner under this gray sky that covers us.
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