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The flight has been canceled. What do I do?

Flying is the order of the day and more in the current times in which we can find such succulent offers, such as those of that are hard to resist.
Although there is something that we have to take into account and it is that as cheap as a ticket or low cost is an airline, as passengers we have rights and if they are not fulfilled, we can and must claim.
The flight has been canceled. What do I do?
We have several options, the most common would be submit a claim, although we anticipate that the process is not easy and not fast.
Airlines almost never pay voluntarily and the easiest thing will be to find the already famous words «extraordinary circumstances«, With those who directly reject the claim even when the passenger is right.

This is when companies like Flightright come into action and offer us a second option before the cancellation or delay of a flight.
Through its professionals, aware of the general and legal conditions of the airlines, handle paperwork and claim to the airline on behalf of the passenger.

And the price of all this management? The price is a percentage of the amount of compensation if they succeed with your claim.
If the situation requires going to trial and therefore involving lawyers, the company covers all expenses.

And the best of all this is that not only should you claim for flight cancellations, but we can also claim for delays, lost luggage ... etc

These are some of the things that all passengers should consider before getting on a plane:

What is necessary to receive compensation?

In order to receive compensation from any airline, whether due to cancellation of a flight or delay, the flight must be operated by an EU-regulated airline, that is, departing from any EU airport or flying to Europe in one EU based airline.

The compensation would be:
- Flights of less than 1,500 kilometers with a delay of 2 hours or more, are entitled to 250 euros
- Flights between 1,500 and 3,500 kilometers with a delay of at least 3 hours can receive up to 400 euros
- Flights of 3,500 kilometers or more and with a delay of 4 hours can claim up to 600 euros

In addition, any passenger who suffers a delay has the right to receive benefits such as drinks, meals, phone calls and any transportation or accommodation expenses arising from the wait.

If you meet any of the above points, as happened to us on our trip to Cinque Terre this year and you have suffered a delay, cancellation or overbooking on a flight in the last 3 years, Flightright can manage your claim and get you undamaged.

You can also use your calculator, with which you can calculate compensation That belongs to you in a matter of minutes.
In this article we extend the information on how to claim a delayed or canceled flight.

Compensation Calculator