The 10 + 1 best Instagram travel accounts - Street Travelers - Travels - 2020

The 10 + 1 best Instagram travel accounts

Every day more Instagram is becoming one of the best forms of inspiration to take a trip through the photos that travelers from different corners of the world are uploading. We leave you a list with which we consider The 10 + 1 best Instagram travel accounts.


One of the number one in Instagram travel accounts, not only why it has created a style when taking photos, but why they are of a quality hardly surpassed in technique and originality.


We are not going to deny it, we are fans of National Geographic, of its documentaries, magazines ... and of course, of its Instagram account. It is certainly on par with the quality of your photos.


One of the accounts that we like the most and that inspire us the most. We love your YouTube videos and website for the amount of information they provide, in a professional and above all enjoyable way. If you add an Instagram account with very good photos, the result is one of the number 1 of the Instagram travel accounts in Spanish.


Brooke Saward has been traveling the world for over a year and shows it through her wonderful photos on Instagram.


Every day they show us a lot of photos of their followers, students and readers, of incredible places in the world, that you are dying to visit.


Oliver Vegas shows us incredible photos of his travels and his life from all kinds of angles and perspectives.

7. PASSIONPASSPORT, one of the best Instagram travel accounts

A community of travelers, storytellers and photographers who motivate to take the backpack in each of their photos.


If you want photos that leave you speechless, this is your account. One of the Instagram travel accounts with the most spectacular photos of different authors.


We are followers of Lonely Planet, we do not lie if we say that we have a lot of guides of the trips that we have made and of which we plan to do. They always travel with us. Your account is a reflection of your guides.


Cole Rise is a travel photographer, one of the first Instagram users, who helped create some of his filters. The Rise bears his name, so there are few who apply filters better than him.


We could not leave the opportunity to sneak into our own list. We know that we do not have the quality of the 10 we have mentioned. Hopefully!! But we try to keep improving day by day to inspire with our photos to travel and travel the world. Very grateful to all the people who follow the Instagram account of Viajeros Callejeros